We’ve all spent so much of this past year indoors. Perhaps at best, outdoors, but at least 6 feet away from others. Being outside helps to reduce any anxieties we may face, improve our sleep, and in general, helps us feel better about ourselves overall. The outdoors mean a lot to us.

So as we’re building TolHouse, we’re incorporating the outdoors, indoors. You’ll enjoy natural light in many of our spaces as well as lush foliage.

At Earth, we’re doing our best to incorporate as much plant life as we can find suitable spots to settle them. We want you to feel at home, in the wild.

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We’re Hiring

At TolHouse, and our incorporated properties like Earth and The Vistula, we’re looking for people who believe in our mission of creating ecosystem for city-dwelling entrepreneurs and creatives.  People who will add to our culture.

We have roles open from bartenders to servers, membership desk managers to line cooks. Find the perfect role for you or a friend and apply today.